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Fancy being involved in producing a drama?

Been to somewhere exotic?

Filmed for hours and want to produce an interesting video?

Then come along and find out how!
The last half-century has seen astonishing technological change in all aspects of life and particularly in the field of visually recording and editing events on film. The amazing advantages of using one of the many non-linear editing programs now available, enable anyone with a computer to produce home movies that family and friends actually want to watch and the majority of PSM members took to it with gusto.

Over the years we have enjoyed making club films, a particularly enjoyable excuse to get together, produce dramas and have fun at the same time. It's especially pleasing to see the results (usually!).

The advent of HD cameras, has presented new challenges and several members have made the investment! The club's most recent acquisition is a blu-ray player and films made by members with HD cameras using SD cards as well as HD tapes can be shown using this new standard. It's even possible to project films onto our 110 inch (8' x 4.4'') screen using a standard USB flash drive. So, if you've bought, or are thinking of buying a camcorder, why not come along; you'll be made very welcome.

At club meetings there's opportunity for discussion and exchange knowledge and ideas. Free personal help with your video editing is available to members, as well as guidance and training on a one-to-one basis.

Club membership of the IAC (Institute of Amateur Cinematographers) has many benefits and individual membership provides even more.

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