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2016 Review
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The year began with a Members' New Movies evening. The following week we had a luncheon at Three Bears. A showing of the 2015 Main Competition movies and the presentation of trophies and certificates to the lucky winners in the various classes followed nine days later. Awards were won by Jo Gregory, Helen Wright, Mike Waterhouse and Alaister Macrae. The judges' comments were given individually to entrants for their consideration at home.

As a change from our own efforts at moviemaking we watched a showreel of their work from Pendle Moviemakers in the spring. We later had one from Bury. A welcome visit from Warrington came later in the year. They all provided us with evenings of interest and entertainment.

We had a go at editing to music, this time of our own choice. We also had a Magic Lantern Evening when members had to produce an AV show for a change. Other subjects we tackled more conventionally were, dogs, trains, canals, cars, Poynton, Stockport and our homes. Sadly, some of these subjects were not well covered.

A nostalgic evening was a reshowing of our first ever movie on video.

Early in the year, we displayed our work at a stand in the Methodist Church during a Coffee Morning for all users of the church facilities. We also made a video of the event and presented it to the church.

We gave shows of our work to Stockport Retired Teachers, East Didsbury Ladies' Probus, The Lymelighters at Lyme Hall and on two occasions to Cheadle Hulme Methodist Ladies' Network.

In April, a few of us visited Stoke to partake in a Trivention run by Gerald Mee. Unfortunately, we were the runners up.

On behalf of PSM we put a film of Alaister Macrae's into Bolton's Movie Challenge and it was lucky enough to win an award.

Once again, we were invited by Southport to take part in their interclub competition and we had to supply a judge. Alaister Macrae took up the challenge. On behalf of the club we entered one of Helen Wright's movies and it won.

In the Autumn, we held an informal, extraordinary general meeting to consider PSM's future because of falling numbers and the fact that our costs were exceeding our income. After much discussion, it was agreed that we try meeting in an afternoon rather than an evening. Since then, it was established that room 3 at the Methodist Church was available on a Wednesday afternoon and the majority of those who hope to stay as members agreed to try that. We submitted a list of dates to the church for fortnightly afternoons from 2 to 4 pm on alternate Wednesdays. The first afternoon meeting took place on the 11th of January 2017. The Secretary also promised not to berate members who don't make as many movies as they used to, and undertook to welcome those who wanted to be more like social members than active moviemakers. He has not prescribed as many subjects for movies to be made about in the 2017 programme.

In November, the Secretary acted as projectionist and sound engineer again, at the IAC North West Festival at CHADS.

Overall, PSM had a reasonably successful year but could have done with a few more new members.

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