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A Member's Film highlighting the delights of a summer activity in the UK!

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12 July (Wed)   -   Members' Movies
Show some more of your best work old and new.>
26 July (Wed)  -   Members' Movies
Yet another chance to show off your skills as a moviemaker supreme.t>

9 August (Wed)   -   Audio Visual Day
Reveal your best photographs or slides complete with a voiceover and/or music.
23 August (Wed)   -   Water, Water Everywhere
It's many years since we made a movie about water, so give it a go.

6 September (Wed)   -   Crewe's Collection
The Moviemakers of Crewe entertain us today with a selection of their work.
20 September (Wed)   -  The Southampton Showe
A Southampton showreel will give us another example of how other clubs do it.
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